Grand Piano – The Movie

Can you name three movies which main plot revolves around piano or piano music in general? Exactly. There’s a big lack of musical movies that have my favorite instrument in them, so I couldn’t miss out on this 2013 gem.

“Grand Piano” was released on 20th September 2013 on Austin Fantastic Fest, while his global premiere will took place on 7th March 2014. Main actors consist of Elijah Wood, John Cusack, Tamsin Egerton, Kerry Bishé and Alex Winter. It’s being distributed by Magnet Releasing, who was also responsible for “Food, Inc.” or “The Lost City” from 2005.

Main plot revolves around Tom Selznick, the most talented pianist of this generation, who stopped giving concerns due to his stage fright. After a five-year hiatus he reappears for long awaited concert in Chicago, in a full packed theater with an expectant audience. He finds a note saying “Play one wrong note and you die.” and that’s where the fun starts. Being carefully watched over by an anonymous sniper, Tom has to look for help without being detected

As the movie will be released in almost 4 months, I certainly have something to look forward while I keep going on my adventure to become a great pianist. See you guys soon and stay tuned for more content!


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